3 Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive Than You Actually Are

Shallow? Not really – when you consider that much of what us humans do tends to revolve around getting “more” out of life. More satisfaction in our financial lives, love lives, spiritual and emotional lives… but very few people consider that doing all these things also make you more attractive, which actually helps you achieve more of these things.

Consider this.

If you had your hair in a mess, had no sense of “style”, reeked of BO, and went to a job interview… would you get the job? Or if you asked a potential date out, would they accept?

Possibly, but it’s clear that you would significantly improve your chances – if you were more “attractive”.

That means choosing to take care of yourself, by eating well, working out, and striving for greatness in your life. It’s not as hard as you think, and with these 3 tips you’re guaranteed to lead a happier, more fulfilled existence.

Let’s begin.

#1). Pay attention to your personal hygiene

It’s astonishing how many people lack self awareness of how they come across to other people. And while that’s not the most important reason for taking it upon yourself to be more hygienic, it contributes a lot to your sense of wellbeing. If you’ve ever run into someone with smelly feet, unbrushed teeth, bad smell from their clothing, then you understand that you have a negative impression of that person.

If you are to make yourself more attractive, making sure you’re presentable when you go out, go to work, or meet up with friends can go a long way.

Choosing a light, non-offensive perfume or cologne product (maybe even pheromone colognes – just be sure to do your research, there are lots of scams out there like Pherlure) can also help to make very positive impressions on other people.

#2). Be active and enjoy life

Sometimes it’s hard to break out of our daily work routines and simply just focus on what needs to be done. Unfortunately, in this day and age, taking care of ourselves comes second to work, education, or a number of other things we do to get by. However, it is also seriously detrimental to your health – mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Stress is a huge reason why people tend to “age” much faster – the constant stress is being absorbed by the body, instead of dissipated into physical activity. By finding something you enjoy, whether its going to the gym, a dance class, yoga, or anything else can make a tremendous difference to your happiness. And guess what? Happiness is attractive.

#3). Stop eating junk food and learn real nutrition

There is so much information out there on what types of food to eat, what’s healthy and what’s not. But let’s not forget that nutrition also doesn’t have to be that complicated. It’s fin to enjoy a regular treat like ice cream, biscuits, and chocolate — the important part is keeping it in moderation. While you don’t have to read endless amounts of information on the topic, this should go without saying.

Secondly, simply doing standard things like eating more fruits and vegetables can help you look and feel better long term. Over time, you will naturally acquire knowledge surrounding health benefits of eating healthier foods.

Those are just 3 things that can help you tremendously if you follow through – remember, there is a lot more you can do, but it all starts with a single step in the right direction.




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