5 Skin Issues for which Collagen Creams are used for


Anybody following skincare market for years will tell you that collagen creams have helped many of its users for decades now. Collagen creams have and still play a pivotal role in addressing several well-known skin deformities including cellulite and premature signs of aging. However, collagen creams are not a one-stop solution for all types of skin concerns, and the kind of ingredients used in these creams also are a matter of consideration.

In this article, we will not go through the technicalities of what ingredients are used in collagen creams. The focus, however, will be solely on the 5 most prominent skin issues for which collagen creams are heavily used.

Treating cellulite

Unfortunately cellulite is one of the most common skin concerns that men and women face all over the world. A lot of time and money gets spend every year on anti-cellulite treatments, and collagen creams are one of the best solutions out of all.

Collagen creams aid in increasing collagen production, improves blood circulation, which both have a positive impact on cellulite. Of course, not all collagen stimulating creams are effective, and therefore, you should look for the right ingredients used in collagen creams to allay the benefits of a cream in treating cellulite.

Treating wrinkles

When we pass the age of 30, our collagen production inevitably declines. When we lose collagen in our bones, we get osteoporosis, and when we lose collagen in our skin, we get wrinkles.

If researchers are to be believed then collagen creams are very effective in maintaining a youthful skin due to its small chains of amino acids and peptides. However, look for only those collagen creams that contain particular peptides – Verisol and Biocell like this top of the shelf collagen cream for wrinkles. These are the only two studies that have research support for battling wrinkles effectively.

Treating fine lines

Since we have already mentioned that our bodies see a downfall of collagen as we age, which results into formation of wrinkles. In addition to wrinkles, it also results into formation of conspicuous fine lines.

The collagen cream market has advanced recently and we have seen collagen peptides especially fish collagen peptides emerging strongly for sufficing collagen deficiency. Fish collagen peptides contain small molecule size that leads to efficient collagen synthesis. Because of this distinctness, fish collagen peptides have become a notable choice for slowing down the formation of fine lines.

Treating dark circles

Dark circles can be very humiliating since they make your face look unattractive and lousy. Puffy dark eyes are primarily the result of facial aging and poor lifestyle habits. However, even hyper pigmentation caused by melasma or sun damage could be a primary reason.

In order to treat these dark circles effectively, many clinicians will suggest topical application of clinically tested collagen creams.

Treating stretch marks

The last but not the least, collagen creams are highly effective in treating stretch marks that commonly occur either after rapid weight gain or pregnancy. Of course, many treatments are available to treat stretch marks, and the most effective action for healing them is by applying a collagen cream on those marks.

Collagen creams are highly effective especially when the stretch marks are fairly faint.



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