An Unforgettable Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

Evening desert safari offers a lot of charm. Dubai desert safari should be on your hit list if you are planning a holiday tour. An evening desert safari usually starts around 3 pm and continues till nearly 10 pm. You can take a kicking start of your desert safari with the exciting dune bashing. It feels great to be smashing sand across the far stretched Arabian Desert. It is an absolutely thrilling experience.


Dressing up in Arabian attire to enjoy the marvels of the exotic evening desert safari feels great. You can get to try the bumpy camel ride once you hop on a camel and experience the true essence of the Arabian desert just like you have seen in movies. You would surely want to smoke a sheesha while sitting beside a water fountain.

You can later try out sand skiing which is super awesome and even more fun than snow skiing. You will be overjoyed by the amount of excitement and thrill sand skiing brings.

Another enticing activity includes quad biking where you get to run your four wheeler bike through the golden sand spread over the desert and feel your adrenaline rushing because it is going to be one bumpy ride!

The gorgeous sunset of the desert is an absolute beauty to watch. You will definitely want to capture the eye catching shades of orange and pale blue spread all over the sky. The aura and essence of the desert takes you to a complete new world of magic, beauty, serenity and excitement.

After you feel your energy level going down because of all the fun and adventure, you can enjoy the delights of hot sizzling barbecue, Kahwa or Arabian tea, sweet as honey dates of the desert and all sorts of delicious cuisines.


Your meal becomes even more fun with all the professional belly dancers showing their talent and electrifying the environment phenomenally. Dubai belly dance is one of the biggest charms when it comes to desert safari and tourism. Everyone wants to witness the dynamic belly dance shows in the safari camps. Your Arabian dinner is just not complete without belly dancers. They have the finest belly dancers who know how to win your hearts with their dynamic performances that can hardly be forgotten. You are surely going to eat well and be amused by watching the grand belly dancing and tanura dancing shows arranged for your complete entertainment.

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