AquaShield Waterproof Coating

Have you ever questioned the products that you use to waterproof your clothing and your footwear? Many of these products are extremely harmful, not just to you but to the environment. They contain what’s called long chain carbons or PFOS. For decades using PFOS based technologies has been the standard for water repellent sprays and until now there was no alternative.

Based in Montreal Canada where they know a thing or two about weather proofing due to their severe winters and heavy rainy season, Nanex develops a new technology called nano-structured superhydrophobic coatings. That name is a mouth full, but for the regular person it means a form of waterproofing based on nanotechnology.


Nanex promises to revolutionize water repellent technologies through its superhydrophobic spray, AquaShield. According to Nanex, this waterproof spray is entirely PFOS free, in fact it’s water based, which makes it 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic. An eco-friendly option to the waterproofing sprays of the past is definitely a step in the right direction, but how does it work?

The answer is it works like magic. In the video below you’ll see the AquaShield water repellent technology not only repelling water, but blocking wine and soda as well. The video demonstrates water rolling form the surface of a number of textiles and leather, but then goes on to demonstrate how red wine can be poured onto a shirt and cleaned off with nothing but a dry paper towel.

It seems this new superhydrophobic technology is not only great at keeping you dry, but also for stain protection.

So how does it work? The AuqaShield waterproofing spray is actually mostly water, but in that water is billions of sub-molecular polymers accurately called ‘nano-polymers’. The water acts as a delivery agent pulling the nano-polymers into each individual fiber of the textile where they latch on and bond on a molecular level with the clothing. Once there they’ve created a very special surface that causes water to react by restricting and increasing its surface tension, balling up to make as little contact with the surface as possible.

The final result of the spray on waterproof coating is a textile that makes water run in terror, yet doesn’t change the look or feel of the material. Because the nano-polymers bond with each fiber of the fabric the waterproof coating also doesn’t decrease the breathability of the material. For fitness enthusiasts sweating it out in their gear, to parents with messy children, a superhydrophobic water repellent spray could be a life changer.



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