Assault Prevention in Springfield: Is There Ever a Safe Place to Drink Alcohol

Alcohol Abuse and Addiction in Springfield and in the United States in General

Alcohol abuse is one of the most concerning issues to date in the United States.  The problem is actually a lot worse than most people think it is, as the media has not covered it as much as they have other problems and issues. There are so many individuals in the state of Illinois using and abusing alcohol and drugs and the only way to potentially solve this outbreak would be to have a drug rehab Springfield in place. Here are some examples on the severity of drug abuse in the Springfield area:

  • Alcohol-related traffic deaths and saddening fatalities in the United States ranked in at 12,998 in the year of 2007.  This is actually more than three times as many American soldiers who died in combat on the field in the first six years of the Iraq war, making for a virtual crisis of alcohol abuse in the United States in more recent years though.  The truly saddening and upsetting things behind alcohol deaths in the United States is that they aren’t always the deaths of the individuals who are abusing the alcohol to whatever degree; a lot of times they are the victims of car accidents caused by someone who is taking part in such an abuse of such substances.
  • It was found recently that unfortunately there are more than twenty-five million Americans who are grievously and maddeningly addicted to drugs or alcohol or a combination of the two.  This number represents more than ten percent of the American population over the age of twelve.  The fact of the matter is that drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general has now become a major epidemic and a veritable nightmare for many who are so afflicted in the United States of America.

Violence and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction in Springfield and the Chicago Area

Alcohol abuse often begets more alcohol abuse and alcohol abuse often begets violence and crime.  Studies now show that alcohol abuse is a leading cause of violence and crime in the nation.  This has been a big problem in the Chicago area to say the least.  That is why enforcing a drug rehab in Springfield can do the Illinois nation some justice on their drug problem.

To do something about this, massive efforts need to be taken on the behalf of the residents of Springfield to reduce over-drinking, binge drinking, and alcohol addiction in general.  In the end, there are only a few ways to basically get rid of this problem permanently.  The most important of these is by far spreading mass awareness of the issue to the residents of these areas and continuing to enforce substance addiction Springfield centers in the areas affected by the drug and alcohol abuse.  With this help, it is hoped that the problem will cease to exist sooner rather than later.



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