The Most Beautiful Little model Kristina Pimenova

Meet the most beautiful little model with an angelic face. Kristina Pimenova is a 9years old girl from Moscow and it’s taking over the fashion world. She was introduced to the fashion world thank to her mom, who was a former model, and she’s been modeling since the she was 4.

Many great fashion brands were intrigued by the beauty of this 9year old model. With her azure blue eyes and angelic face, she has managed to capture the whole world’s attention. She is now even on the cover of the famous and prestigious magazine “Vogue Bambini”.

Roberto Cavalli and Benneton have already signed to work with gorgeous little model and many other fashion brands want collaborations with Kristina.

We predict a bright and amazing future in the fashion world for Kristina. She is going to take over the fashion world.

Take a look at the stunning and angelic Kristina Pimenova- the most beautiful girl in the world:







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