Causes of Male Infertility


Most men often find it hard to believe that they could be infertile. Male infertility cause was not a popular subject centuries ago. This is because old beliefs point a female as the main culprit when a couple is unable to bear children.

Men can be a likely suspect of infertility as women. Amongst the 15% of the infertile couples, one third of these problems are a result of the factors pertaining to the male counterparts alone. And when a man is infertile, the condition is referred to as Male infertility. Most men are not aware that they are infertile. The reason is because they do not know nor understand the different male infertility cause.

What are the male infertility causes?

  1. Varicocele – This is a male infertility cause wherein the vein in the scrotum is swollen and enlarged. This condition can have radical effect to the quality of the sperm. The sperm may decrease in number and its motility may decline.
  2. Abnormal Shape and Motility of Sperm – Motility is characterized by the sperm’s unique ability to move and swim towards the awaiting egg. There are males born with abnormal shape and motility of the sperm. Motility is important because this gives the sperm its needed potency to survive the long and difficult journey towards the woman’s uterus. When these two are not in their best conditions, infertility is highly probable.
  3. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) – Certain STDs can become male infertility cause. They often cause scarring and may block the pathway of the sperm. When this happens, you are not able to release enough sperm into the woman’s uterus and a conception may not happen.  Some examples of STDs that can cause infertility in men are Chlamydia and gonorrhea. There also certain infections such as mumps that have damaging effect on fertility. It is best to avoid this condition especially that it is common among children and may affect fertility even at a young age.
  4. Abnormal Testicular Development – Another male infertility cause is when one is born with an abnormality of the testicles. This condition causes the normal X and Y chromosomes to become two X and one Y. This reason of infertility is one that has been present since the day you were born and no other reasons of its occurrence expect that it probably runs in the family. An abnormal development in the testicles may result to low sperm production as well as low testosterone. Testosterones are hormones secreted in the testes.
  5. Low Sperm Count – A male’s low sperm count is the most common male infertility cause. According to the World Health Organization, you must have a normal sperm count of 20 million sperms per one milliliter of semen. If test results indicate that you only have 10 million sperms or lower, you have a greater chance of being infertile.






Male infertility cause is best prevented when you know how to identify them. Talk with your doctor and visit reliable websites dedicated to infertility issues. Knowing the problem will help you and your partner determine its solution.










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