A Comparison between Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and GenoVive’s DNA Diet


With so many diets, choosing the right one for you can be confusing. When you compare diet plans like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and the DNA Diet by GenoVive, you can get a better idea of which program may be best for you – at least in the short term. Most diets aren’t sustainable, which is why it’s important to find a program you can stick with while still enjoying life.



The approach for each diet varies by organization. Both Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers apply the same system to everyone where as GenoVive customizes its program for each individual.

The personalization for the DNA Diet is based on an individual’s unique DNA, obtained by a simple cheek swab. GenoVive interprets the results from the DNA test, which is available through healthcare providers. Participants work with their dietitians, chiropractors, fitness trainers, or physicians to obtain their desired weight by eating foods and doing exercises that are optimal for their DNA.

To aid in the program, Jenny Craig offers one-on-one counselors while Weight Watchers holds group meetings for support and motivation.



The philosophies of these three plans are similar but they have very different methods.

In both Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, the dieters are helped with healthy weight loss through shedding calories. With Jenny Craig, dieters are provided prepackaged foods so that they do not have to worry about counting the calories they take in. With Weight Watchers, dieters get a points system where each member is given an allotted amount of points every day based on their weight. Each food is also assigned a points value based on the calories, fats, and fiber content.

GenoVive is based on eating the foods each individual’s body wants as opposed to counting calories or points that could be applied to either junk food or healthier items. Recognizing the importance of exercise, through their DNA test, GenoVive also analyzes which exercises are best for an individual’s body. Therefore, the DNA diet includes food and exercise.

This philosophy sets GenoVive apart by tailoring each diet program to the customer.


Choices of Food

Dieters obtain a variety of food choices in both Jenny Craig, GenoVive and Weight Watchers to help keep them on track as well as satisfied. All three programs offer dieters prepackaged meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as several snacks. Plenty of fruits and vegetables, pasta, and lean meats are a part of this diet plan.

GenoVive’s meals are planned in accordance with their customers’ DNA needs.

Weight Watchers’ meals reflect their point system so customers can eat anything they choose while still staying within their food allowance.

Each program can be done without purchasing a meal plan.



Regardless of the program, dieters are expected to expend effort.

GenoVive’s clients each talk with a healthcare provider who walks them through the results from their DNA test. Their DNA will be the same so the DNA diet is not a short-term solution rather it’s a lifestyle. Adjusting to the diet may take a bit of effort, although in the long run it’s less effort than weighing foods, counting calories and keeping track of points.

Jenny Craig’s customers tend to rely on the foods that are delivered to them, but they do need to make sure that they meet with their counselors. Once they leave the plan, they will need to learn more about calorie counting so that they can maintain the weight they have lost.

Weight Watchers dieters need to put in a lot of effort into calculating points and making sure that they are under their daily allowance. They also need to attend meetings and weigh-ins.

Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and GenoVive’s most successful participants are individuals who want to either lose or maintain their weight and who stick to the program.



According to US News and Health Report, both Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers are considered expensive. In Jenny Craig, there is an initial registration fee and weekly payments for the prepackaged meals. Weight Watchers gives dieters the option of making payments for unlimited monthly meetings or payments for only the meetings they attend. They can also purchase access to the exclusive online program.

GenoVive’s DNA test includes the processing fee and end report. A meal plan and follow-up care with a healthcare provider (which may be covered by insurance) are options to improve the results.


Overall Rating

Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers lack a personalization aspect. Neither program takes an individual’s characteristics into account which is likely why the programs work well for some people although not for everyone. GenoVive solved this problem by customizing each client’s diet and exercise program for them based on their unique DNA.

All three offer pre-packed meals or snacks and a variety of food. However only GenoVive and Weight Watchers incorporate a physical activity aspect.

Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers are both more expensive and take more effort than GenoVive.

GenoVive offers the best value with real, science-backed information that is provided through a healthcare professional. The company’s overall grade is an A, trailed by Weight Watcher with a B and Jenny Craig which earned a C.



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