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Carbon fiber comes to soccer, the application of this material in many sports is a boom in the last decade : Cycling, Rowing, Sailing, Tennis, Squash, and especially MotoGP or F1. Seeing the background was only a matter of time that this material reached the most popular sport, soccer. Are their characteristics that support this accessory, mandatory for a game, the main ones are: lightweight, thinner, enhanced shock absorption and tailoring .

Is the tailoring and harder than any other material which endorse this product for sports medicine specialists like Dr. Vine . The players certainly are attracted by the ability to customize this item with your photos , badges , flags, etc. Oblivious to the importance of absorption of a frontal or front-lateral impact produced by a kick or impact with steel studs . In a study conducted by Robertson GA published in 2012 in the American Journal of Sports Medicine related that the majority of tibial fractures occurred with players wearing shinguards who withstood the impact . The point of impact was the shin fracture in 62% of cases , so it is clear that the material from which manufactured the shin guard is essential to prevent breakage .

There is a trend with this product but the carbon fiber here to stay , plastic became obsolete in elite sport , virtually all accessories are made of this new material. There is only one disadvantage to the current shin ; the price. Your garment is handmade by different craftsmen guild . They are custom shinguards, customized manually request the athlete driving up the price . It seems that this product will be the future protections as they have already made motorcycle helmets , hockey or protections for motorsports. The very truth of the industry will seek mechanisms to bring this product into your wallet for that soon, let these custom shinpads on the legs of our children





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