Divorced Couple Joins Forces to Pen Book on the Ultimate Dating Hacks for the Digital World


Renowned relationship therapist Dr. Antonio Borrello teams up with his ex-wife to pen a book uncovering ultimate relationship and dating hacks for the new digital world.

Renowned psychologist and relationship therapist Antonio Borrello and his ex-wife, psychologist Theresa Pavone, have officially codified their exhilarating and sometimes-frustrating experiences in the new digital world of dating in a new book, Relationships 2.0.

After three years of navigating the tumultuous “new world” of online dating, Antonio and Theresa did what any divorced couple would do – they joined forces to share the ultimate dating hacks they had learned. This unlikely duo has written a revolutionary new book, Relationships 2.0. To get the book into stores and donated to hundreds of libraries and shelters, they urge readers and supporters everywhere to back their Kickstarter campaign and win a free copy for themselves.

Married in the Vatican and divorced in Detroit, the couple spent three long years re-learning the dating game, a game that has radically changed. Exhilarating and often frustrating, dating is not what it once was just 10 years ago. Tinder, mobile dating apps, online dating – all of these have changed the dating scene irrevocably.

“We grappled with some primitive, powerful feelings as we shared stories and compared notes. Somewhere in there, we realized we’d uncovered unique dating perspectives that could save others from so much frustration and hurt,” explains Dr. Borrello. “Combining our psychological background, our unique perspective as a divorced coupe and the new rules of online and mobile engagement, we were able to discover dating hacks that can help anyone searching for love today.”

Bringing a unique relationships perspective never shared before, Relationships 2.0 will enable anyone to understand difficult dating or relationship situations and the changes necessary to improve their relationships.

To get a free copy of Relationships 2.0, visit the Kickstarter campaign. For more about the book, visit http://www.Relationships20.com.


About the Authors:

Antonio Borrello Ph.D: A psychologist and marriage/relationship counselor, Antonio spent the past 20 years as a professor and in private practice as a clinical psychologist specializing in relationship therapy.

Theresa Pavone Ph.D: As an inspiring author and an industrial and organizational psychologist, Theresa prides herself on improving relationships in the workplace with effective coaching and work-life balance techniques.





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