Dry, Damaged Hair? Here Are The Things That You Might Be Doing Wrong


Our hair can get dry and damaged over time. The farther your hair gets from your scalp, the dryer it gets; nutrients have a harder time reaching all the way to the tip. So if hair drying out and getting damaged is all too inevitable, are there ways to stop it? Fortunately, there are many things we can do, or stop doing, in order to get healthy, vibrant locks, and it’s not just to get hair treatment.

1. Hair is fragile and can become more so when it’s wet. The hair follicles get weighed down by the water, making them more susceptible to breaking especially when you dry them so roughly with a towel.

What to do instead: Pat lightly with your towel after waiting a few moments drip-drying them. It is time consuming, but your hair will thank you in the end. When combing wet strands, start from the bottom up to work the tangles.

2. Not all conditioners do their jobs. Some of them might say “moisturizer”, but a lot of them contain a substance called petrolatum which actually prevents the absorption of moisture into the cuticles.

What to do instead: The real moisturizers have argan oil or olive, like what most hair treatments have. Look for them instead.

3. Shampoo, while loaded with substances designed to help your hair achieve its best, can actually do more damage if you use it daily. The scalp produces a substance called sebum, a natural oil which actually moisturizes your hair and keeps it soft. If you shampoo daily, you strip your scalp off sebum, leading to breakage and weak hair follicles.

What to do instead: Shampoo no more than twice a week. For the first day that you stop shampooing, your scalp might overproduce sebum, giving your hair a greasy look.To fix this, use dry shampoo. Your hair will eventually adapt to the change in your shampooing pattern.

4. Applying heat during styling is sometimes a necessity, as there are hair styles that just don’t work without the application of heat. However, we all know that too much of it can cause extreme damage, especially to those with fine hair.

What to do instead: Tone down the temperature; only medium to coarse hair can withstand high heat. If you must insist on a very hot flat iron, at least use heat-styling cream to provide a bit of protection. Also, you might want to drop the blower for a while. Not only will your hair be given the rest it needs from the heat, but it also cuts your electricity bill.

Hair treatments are not the only options we have to fix our damaged hair. Sometimes, we don’t even need to spend at all, or all that we need to do is to stop a few of our habits that we never knew could actually lead to weakened hair strands. Just remember, your hair is your crowning glory, treat it as if it’s royalty.



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