E-hydrate’s complete line of hydration, energy, and recovery products are designed for your active lifestyle. Our products are a proof of our commitment to providing health and energy to the world. Flavored in various ways, everyone is sure to find something that will cater to their tastes and likes. We have a long list of flavored health drinks that not only ensure that the person remain well hydrated but also in the healthiest manner.

E-hydrate has three main product lines, all designed for athletes, health-conscious people, or just those who live an active on-the-go lifestyle. You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from E-hydrate. According to new research, over 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. People simply aren’t getting the hydration they need.

By consuming E-hydrate, you get much more than just water; your body is able to use the fluids you consume more efficiently, thanks to the optimum amount of electrolytes within each of our products. And, because E-hydrate has 50% of the recommended daily value of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, you achieve healthy hydration. Designed for athletes, built for life.

Every one of our products is natural and gluten-free, and they are all designed for use on the go. With E-hydrate, you’ll never have to slow down to replenish your body with the energy it needs. E-hydrate makes it easy to get everything you need to keep yourself going, no matter what you need to accomplish.

A combination of proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and electrolytes, the E-hydrate health drinks is a perfect ways to health recovery, especially after major ailments. With zero percent sugar and very low calories, the energy drinks are more than just energizers. They extend to providing the needed nutrients that help to build up a strong trigger for a speedy recovery process. Moreover, the E-hydrate energy drinks are not only for those recouping after a major illness or looking to recuperating, but for those who are very steadfast in their exercising regimen. After a strenuous workout session, it is quite natural for the body to have lost a lot of nutrients making the body feel weak and dehydrated. Some of the E-hydrate products have been especially made for instant regeneration of energy levels. With the vast range of flavors to tickle all kinds of taste buds, E-hydrate has introduced flavors of various fruits so that the goodness of fruits is locked into the drink in the form of the different nutrients that most fruits are known for. Whether it’s a taste for chocolate or coffee, E-hydrate has made sure that all of these demands are catered to.

Ordering has never been easier as our highly user-friendly website allows you to place your order with the least bit of time wasted. Just visit http://www.e-hydrate.com to see our complete line of products. We also post previews of our new products soon to be released, so make sure to check back often for previews of what’s coming soon. We can’t wait to hear from you!



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