Full guide on caring for your hair extensions


Looking good in hair extensions requires a lot of care if you are to maintain a stylish hairstyle for an extended time period. When having the extensions put in, ask your stylist to give you as much information as possible on the best way to maintain them. In addition, invest some time to research on the various ways in which your particular extensions are to be cared for. Most times, human hair or synthetic extensions require proper maintenance to be able to maintain their shiny look.
Caring for hair extensions is quite different for those made from human hair and those manufactured from synthetic materials. Therefore, it is important to have a maintenance plan for the type of extensions that are put in by your stylist. In most cases, your professional hair stylist will come up with a plan for you to make it much easier to properly maintain your extensions.

How to care for natural human extensions

  • Wash your hair with shampoos and conditioner that are of high quality to ensure that the scalp and extensions are clean. Ask your stylists to help you choose the best products for cleaning human hair extensions. Ensure that you wash hair on a weekly basis so that the extensions do not get tangled because of the buildup of sweat as well as dirt.
  • Styling is important to maintain a good hairstyle when wearing extensions made from human hair. Use brushes with soft bristles to brush the extensions downwards to remove any tangling in them. On the other hand, it is important to avoid styling using heat so that the extensions last much longer.
  • When sleeping tie the extensions in a bun or ponytail so that they do not tangle making it easy to brush them in the morning. Make sure to cover it with a silk hair scarf to keep the hair in good condition.


How to care for synthetic fiber extensions

Synthetic extensions are available in different qualities with some looking like human hair but they are taken care of using different methods.

  • Washing synthetic extensions should be done using quality shampoo to keep them clean. They are best washed with cool or lukewarm water to remove the oils that have accumulated in the extensions.
  • Styling of synthetic hair extensions should be done when dry so that they do not get damaged. If the fiber hair is of low quality then it should be brushed on a few occasions and kept away from heat styling. However, synthetic extensions of high quality can be styled using a soft brush while applying minimum heat.
  • Keep your extensions tied up to ensure that they remain tangle free when sleeping so that they can be of use to you for a long time.

Overall, hair extensions can be of good to use to you if you learn how to properly maintain them, whether synthetic or human hair. It is possible to regularly change hairstyles without having to damage your natural hair in the process.



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