Hair care guide for pregnant women


Pregnancy is the most wonderful period in every woman`s life. Nine months of happiness are waiting for you, and your body starts to change in order to do the best for your baby. It is well known fact that during this period nails and hair of a woman become weak and thin, because of the lack of vitamins and antioxidants. Happy future moms come at our prestige beauty salon and ask for help. They want to know how they should take care of their hair, without any harm for their kids. So, we decided to talk about appropriate hair maintaining during pregnancy.

#1 Hair changes

Our hair grows in a three different stages: active growth, resting, and shedding. But, such a big and important process as pregnancy makes your hormones go crazy and shift this cycle. Your hair doesn’t shag, stays on your head and becomes thicker or thinner, depending on your ration and lifestyle. Moreover, some woman can suddenly become curly headed in these 9 month or after them. Scientists still do not know exactly how it all works, but there is one thing they are absolutely positive: hormones rule everything.

#2 Say no to chemicals

If you are used to dye, highlight, perm, relax, or do anything to your hair, connected with chemicals, it is time to stop. Doctors have different opinions about this question, one say that you should completely exclude any of these procedures from your life, other disagree and tell that it should be avoided only some of them and only in the first trimester.

Of course it is completely up to you to decide. If you are afraid that chemicals can pass along to your growing baby and hurt her or him, you should stay away from such procedures. We cannot say exactly if anything is absorbed internally, but you have many pores deep in the scalp, and there’s always such a possibility, especially if the scalp is irritated.

#3 Everyday hair routine

If you are using one shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, gel, mousse all the time, it would be better not to change this habit during the pregnancy. The same thing is about your styling tools and a blow dryer. If you forced to use some special shampoo in medical purposes, consult your doctor and take a prescription for such shampoos that can be used during pregnancy.

Be aware that most of hair care products are strongly scented and pregnant women are usually overwhelmed by aromas. So, it is better to stick to scentless variants. Only if you feel sick because of your old shampoo or hairspray smell, you should change it into another one.

Now you know everything about special hair routine during pregnancy. Come at prestige beauty salon and our specialist will take care of you and your hair without any harm to your baby.

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