How To Achieve A Thigh Gap


The gap between a woman’s thighs is becoming even more and more popular in pop culture these days. This coveted feature can be attractive, but if it’s not acquired via the right means you’re just giving yourself future health problems because of nutritional deficiencies or muscle injuries because of over-exercising your muscular systems. With a little bit of patience and some hard work, you’ll be able to achieve that gap you’re craving in absolutely no time at all. Most importantly, remember that your health is important, and also your strongest asset and most important resource.

It’s important to understand that some women will never have this gap- and that’s fine. What’s important is getting to a healthy weight and trimming excess fat off of the legs, instead acquiring lean muscle to keep your thighs losing inches while your weight remains perfect. Realistically, your gene makeup defines whether or not your legs will get that gap, but if your hips aren’t wide enough, there’s just nothing you can do. If you’ve got pretty wide hips, however, the thigh gap is more possible.

Setting Realistic Expectations First

Dieting and exercise WILL get you the results you’re looking for, you just have to be patient. Getting thin and keeping tone is a lifetime lifestyle change, so you’re going to have to work hard for about a month before you really start seeing results, but when you do, you’re going to be amazed. DO NOT skip meals to try to lose weight. You’ll binge eat and backslide to a state worse than you started out in. It’s not about how much you eat if you’re eating the right things.

-Get motivated and stay motivated by eating a diet that makes you feel great while you look better. You’ll have more energy to do more for your health, as well as losing your weight in desirable, sexy ways, like off of the gut or under your arms, even- much better than simply starving yourself or trying to only focus on lower body exercises to try and push your lower half more than your upper half. It should all come at about the same speed, at the same time.

-Be happy with who you are, before you obsess about changing yourself. You don’t want to experience self pity, or self loathing. You also might want to speak to your doctor about losing weight and toning up. They’ll be willing to help you in ways that are medically proven and bound to be great for you. Plus, they can tell you if the amount of weight that you’re talking about is a realistic, healthy goal.

If You Want to Be Fit- Toss Out The Junk

The secret to losing weight is all about balance. Balancing your diet, balancing your exercise, and doing everything in the right combinations for your specific body type to chisel away at stubborn fat, and focus on removing the things that pack pounds onto your waist. The hardest part for women is that because they’re generally smaller and more petite, they can’t consume as many calories, and so one little binge can have an impact on health and weight. To really get fit, focus on eating items that give you nutrients, don’t have added fats and oils, have no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, and are low in any glucose but natural, fruit glucose. This means you, carbohydrates. One of the hardest things for women is literally giving up all the foods they love the most, but if you want that gap, you’ve got to.

Foods to avoid:

-Trans-Fats. These fats contribute to heart disease and have tons of cholesterol that clogs your arteries and adds fat fast to your waistline. These foods are typically found in fast food and fried foods- like potato chips, as well as margarine or shortening. These kinds of fats are always supposed to be labeled on nutrition facts, so make sure you’re looking for them.

-Sugar. No matter what kind of sugar, even natural sugar that isn’t consumed with fiber sticks to you. Processed sugars that your body can’t metabolized and have absolutely no benefit for you. Don’t even think about drinking diet sodas. The sugars found in these kinds of sodas have been linked to the development of several serious health problems, the most serious being heart attacks. Try switching to water, coffee, or tea, and use applesauce to sweeten your recipes.

Exercises to Get that Gap:

-Butterfly stretches
Sit down on the floor with your feet together and your knees bent outward. Just draw your feet as close as you can to your pelvis, and try to lower your thighs to the floor so that they’re parallel to the floor, and hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds. Be gentle, and do this exercise twice a day.

-Pilates Leg Lifts
Lie on your side, and put your elbow underneath your head. Bend your right knee and lift it up over your left leg to the point where it’s resting off the floor. Keep your leg as straight as you can, and breathe out while you’re exercising. Do three sets of 10 repetitions on each side of your body to get both legs. Move slowly to get more work on your thighs, and the slower you go, the better the exercise is for you.

-Inner Thigh Presses
This exercise can take place anywhere -at your desk, or even on the floor. Either sit up straight in your chair with a pillow and your abs tucked in as tight as you can, and do 20 repetitions. If you’re on your back, put your knees on the floor and a soft object between your knees and lift your pelvis off the ground until your back is straight with your knees and squeeze the object between your knees as tightly as you can. Do twenty reps before returning to the floor.

-Aerobic exercise that doesn’t bulk you up, like climbing stair or dancing, or walking for thirty minutes at a time.

You can also trick people into thinking you have that gap:

-Cosmetic tricks with tights, creams and body shaping clothing.

-In pictures, push your butt back and put your feet together while leaning down to get the gap without working out. Nobody will ever know in the pictures, anyways.

Read more information about how to achieve and create a thigh gap on It’s important to remain vigilant if you’re really trying to get that gap that is so popular these days. No matter what you do, be healthy about it. There’s absolutely nothing sexy about anorexia or bulimia, and often you’re killing yourself when you try to lose weight in those ways.



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