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Who wouldn’t want a dietary supplement that supports both cardiovascular and endocrine health without having to make drastic nutritional or lifestyle changes? Sounds almost “too good to be true,” right? That was my initial reaction, as well, when I first heard about Bergamonte® vegetable capsules from Nutri Lifescience. Much to my body’s delight, however, this extraordinary product has proven me wrong!

Not only is this supplement highly effective for promoting optimal wellness, it is all-natural and entirely plant-based as well. In fact, the primary active ingredient is a bioactive compound, derived from the juice and albedo of Bergamot, a medicinal citrus fruit grown in the Calabria region of Italy. Bergamot provides an abundance of flavonoids and glycosides, plus the extracted juices are both kosher and halal-certified. It doesn’t get much more natural than that!

Bergamot juice is rich in brutieridine and melitidine, compounds with an ability to inhibit HMG-CoA reductase, an enzyme that affects cholesterol.

Bergamonte® is produced using a patented extraction technology — US Patent # 20110223271. These flavanoids are clinically shown to help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels, and increase HDL-cholesterol.

Hypolipemic and Hypoglycemic Activity of Bergamot Polyphenols

Source: Fitoterapia 82 (Nov 2011) 309–316

237 patients with hyperlipemia, hypercholesterolemic (HC, cLDL, low cHDL), mixed dyslipidemic (HC and TG), or metabolic syndrome (HC, HT, and HG) were taking either placebo, 500mg, 1000mg.



“Statins are the typical pharmaceutical prescription for millions of adults living with elevated cholesterol levels (hyperlipidemia), in order to try to lower those levels into healthy ranges,”. “However, patients with diabetes and metabolic syndrome do not achieve the recommended cholesterol target with statins alone. Based on this study, and the fact that millions of Americans look to supplements to protect their cardiovascular health, we launched Nutri LIfescience Bergamonte, in vegetable capsules, to address this mass need. We believe in using only the highest quality and naturally pure ingredients to help our customer achieve extraordinary health and maintain longevity.”

What particularly sets Nutri Lifescience Bergamonte® apart from other dietary supplements on the market is that our premium quality products are tested free of harmful contamination and meets the Gluten Free specification. Nutri Lifescience uses third-party laboratories that are ISO 17025 accredited to test the finished product to ensure the highest possible quality for our products.

Additionally, our premium supplements Our consumers can be completely assured that they are getting nothing but the best with Nutri Lifescience.

Quality is more than word. It is something we live and give.

Intrigued and want to learn more about our premium-grade, nutritionally balanced and highly effective products? Simply click on the for further detailed information.



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