The Risks associated with the Whitening Cream


How it became that the damsel with the lighter skin is the fairer of the them all is a mystery, but history informs us that ever since the great empire of the Romans down to the modern world, light skin has been celebrated and put forward as one of the yardstick of measuring beauty.

Therefore, the beauty industry has thrived by the making of ointments, creams and other products to lighten the skin and clear it of spots and unwanted marks, and the naturally dark skinned women desperately apply the whitening cream to meet the world standards of beauty.

Consequently, the cosmetic industry is in constant search for the best formulas to remove freckles, clean the effects of acne and soften, smoothen, moist and lightens the skin. Of course, the best formulas are the best profit makers of the industry.

History behind skin lightening:

However this quest to devise formulas have led to the incorporation of elements that may not necessarily have the desired effects or may as any quick fix option result in amazing skin but with long terms serious complication some necessitating proper medical attention.

Therefore, profit making at times is pursued so much that the interest and well-being of the masses is disregarded. There have been many cases of severe skin conditions resulting from improper formulas or the incorporation of toxic and dangerous substances. Some of the dangerous components are mercury and hydroquinone which are burned in some states.


Hydroquinone is licensed to be used by registered medical practitioners and dermatologist who will give prescription as to how they should be utilized. A number of people have faced severe sentences and fines in courts of law for illegally possessing skin-whitening creams with hydroquinone.

There are specific skin conditions under which doctors may prescribe the use of hydroquinone such as in treatment of eczema and psoriasis. Otherwise, the use of the same in creams sold over the counter is proscribed due to the potential dangers.

Some of the adverse effects and risks a person may run to as a result of using whitening creams include the excessive thinning of the skin hence pitting one in a vulnerable situation where simple scratches and scrubs can set of bad wounds.

  • Skin thinning equally leads to poor tolerance to the sunlight and one runs the risk of contracting skin cancer.
  • Equally there is the possibility of permanent bleaching, uneven loss of color leading to an unpleasant look, increase in the redness of the skin and thorough irritation.
  • Some of these complications may deteriorate into a potent case requiring the aid of dermatologists and medical professional.

Well, everyone eventually wants to look good and many people dismiss these risks, go ahead, and try out these products in the hopes that they will achieve great results. It depends on who you are the one that wants to conform to the world standards or the one that believes in her natural beauty and can only go the safe mile in the quest for beauty.



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