Scientifically Prove GM Diet Plan To Loose Weight In 7 days


You should eat a balanced diet for a healthy life. Humans tend to eat a lot. This leads to obesity, which is a payment for all their desire towards food.

It is said that out of hundred people, at least, seventy percentage are obese. The basic thing one can do is to follow a healthy diet plan than standing confused for a quick result.

One such easy and healthier way to reduce weight is following GM Diet. In 1985, General Motors along with the Food and Drug Administration and Department of Agriculture developed this diet plan. They achieved a positive result when they tried to increase workforce amongst their employees.

How does the GM diet plan work?

Consult a doctor before starting a diet plan. This is because not all human bodies shall easily adapt to the change in diet plan. GM Diet is limiting a weekly diet to consuming fruits, vegetables, slight amount of brown rice, chicken.

The intake is a combination of carbohydrates and low calorie vegetables. The intake of water must be at a higher level so that there is a reduction of weight up to 17 pounds.

Do try to restrict yourself from eating non-vegetarian food at least for seven days if you want to achieve desired results as soon as possible. Following is the diet plan for seven days. You can always take a gap in between weeks so that the body doesn’t lose much energy.

GM Diet plan as per day order and how it works:

Day 1

As this is the first day, you will find it difficult to keep yourself away from all cravings as this is the day of Fruits. You can consume all fruits, either mixed or separately. Exclude grapes, bananas, mangoes and litchi. The quantity doesn’t matter. You can eat any number of times but only fruits. Drink as much as 8 to 12 glasses of water. Do not starve.

Fruits like watermelon, apples, lime, oranges, strawberries, pomegranates can be taken. Fruits prepare your body for the following days. They are low in fat. Do not add anything to the fruits though you cut them and eat sometimes. Melons, in particular, flush the toxins present in your body and there is a good chance of losing 3 pounds in a day.

Day 2 

This day can be called as All Veggies Day. Yes, your bowl will be filled with carrots, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage. The vegetables can be eaten either boiled or as raw vegetables.

This day can be taken as a challenge. If you get through easily, it proves your dedication. Strictly oil is not allowed. Forget deep frying potatoes and eat them by just boiling them. Vegetables are the best nutritious food a person can have. They have enough carbohydrates and shall prepare you for the next day. Absolutely, no calorie on this day.

Day 3

All you need this day is a combination of fruits and vegetables which you took during the first two days. Avoid potatoes and Bananas.

You get enough carbohydrates from fruits. Drink as much water as possible. Don’t let your cravings take over. By this day, your body would have adjusted to the new diet plan. You will feel light and content.

Day 4

Like Minions love Bananas, this day you are going to love bananas. The three days of the negligence of banana comes to an end. All you have to eat is maximum eight bananas and drink four glasses of milk.

The Bananas are the source of potassium and sodium in the absence of salt in your body. The thought of bananas putting on weight is completely shattered in this diet plan. A bowl of soup can be taken once during this day to refresh your taste buds. The G.M. diet soup must contain garlic, capsicum, onion, tomatoes. Resist yourself as just three laps more to win the race.

Day 5

Celebrate this day because vegetarians can take in a cup of brown rice and Non- vegetarians, 500 grams of chicken breast or fish. Six tomatoes have to be added in either case. Increase consumption of water to 1/4th of daily consumption.

Water cleanses uric acid in the body. Sometimes a soup can also be taken once during the day. The fiber content in rice and chicken aids digestion. Use a slight amount of oil while cooking.

Day 6

Eat sprouts, cheese, and other vegetables but exclude tomatoes. Consume a good amount of water this day. You can follow the same diet plan as day 5 but this day is against Tomatoes. By this time a good result is seen.

Day 7

You can have fresh juice. Drink as much water as possible. Take half chapati or brown rice.

Benefits of GM Diet

  • Helps in losing weight within a week. You lose 3-5kgs a week.
  • The diet flushes toxins in one’s body, that is it detoxifies the system.
  • The time span is less and thus easy to follow

Drawbacks of GM Diet

  • Consult your Doctor or nutritionist if the GM Diet will work for you. Also, a person who has tried it.
  • Some people lose hair, skin becomes dry or have a heavy headache in the first few days. This is because the body faces difficulty to adapt to a new diet plan.
  • Drinking loads of water is important so the body is not dehydrated.
  • Strictly for weight loss so need a gap in between weeks for the body to regenerate.


This is the GM diet for seven days.

No one can stop you from losing weight.

Strictly avoid alcohol or tea or coffee.

Black tea or lime water without sugar can be a better replacement.

Do work out for 45 minutes on alternative days. Take a gap for 2 or 3 days after every 7 days.

It is important to follow the proper diet and G.M. Diet is the best choice.



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