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oDetox Teas Comparison

There are many different programs promoting weight loss supplements, including those that sell herbal teas that boost your metabolism and cleanse out your colon. With so many choices on the market it is hard to figure out who has the best offer out there. In this article we will be comparing three different detox supplement brands, which are SkinnyMe Tea, Boo Tea, and Elruh Skinny Tea. Hopefully this article will help you make an informed decision on which tea is right for you.

Each of these brands offer both a 14 day and 28 day detox tea program or challenge. During the 2 or 4 week period you will use the tea product as directed and then you will also eat clean and healthy foods during this time. The purpose of this program is to flush out the toxins in your body and to create a leaner, healthier you. SkinnyMe Tea comes in a single loose leaf pouch which you having to strain and steep the in a teapot, which for some may not be possible due to time constraints. BooTea and the Elruh Skinny Tea both come with pre-packaged tea bags, which would be easier to make in the morning if you are running late or you decide to have breakfast at the office. Each one of these brands are kind enough to have a free eating guide on their website however Elruh Skinny Tea also send out a downloadable link to 8 health and fitness eBooks worth over $79.


The ingredients in each of the tea brands matter because you want to make sure that they are using safe and natural ingredients when you are buying their product. Both the SkinnyMe Tea and the Elruh Skinny Tea use Senna to thoroughly cleanse your body from all the junk that can accumulate in your intestines over time. BooTea only uses Senna in the Bedtime Cleanse blend and not in their Daytime Detox Blend which seems like an interesting time to prompt digestive movement. All of the teas claim to use 100% natural ingredients for their tea. Elruh 28 Skinny Body Tea is the only formula that includes Colon Cleanse and the Detox ingredients are in the same blend, offering you more bang for your buck.

In regards to price, the three brands all cost about $60. BooTea charges a shipping fee of about $7.50 for orders outside of the United Kingdom and £3.99 for orders within the U.K. The Skinny Me Tea charges around $5 shipping fees for their product. The Elruh Skinny Tea ships your order to you for free. Based on cost and delivery time, if you are ordering from Australia or America you would be better to run with SkinnyMe Tea or Elruh Skinny Tea.


The most important question that people ask themselves when they are purchasing a product is whether they will be satisfied with that product and they usually look at other people’s reviews to determine if they will be happy with the product themselves. So how do the masses rate each tea brand? Elruh Skinny Tea shows pictures of customers and the posts that their brand is tagged in, they also repost before and after pictures from there customers and feature live reviews on each product on their website. The testimonial page for Skinny Me Tea shows headshots of some customers and then a review of their experience with using Skinny Me Tea. It seems that there are many satisfied customers for each of these tea brands however SkinnyMe Tea has received some negative reviews in the press where as Elruh Skinny Tea and BooTea all seems to be positive.


For overall value, formula, and effectiveness, I would have to say out of these three brands that Elruh Skinny Tea would be my pick. The richness of their blends and the large variety of both weightless and general health products make this a very easy site to shop. Best of luck on your quest for a healthier you, regardless of which one you choose.



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