Slowfoody is a unique marketplace allowing organic and bio producers of organic, traditional, fair-trade and slow foods to sell their real ingredients, foods, wines, beers, teas or tobaccos directly to you.


Slowfoody is not just a one way shop but a true green multiseller marketplace to discover, buy, sell, import/ export organic, slow and gourmet world foods

In today’s world, where most supermarkets are swarmed with artificially flavored, mass-produced fare and beverages finding genuinely healthy products from a reliable source is, often, a challenging task. Slowfoody marketplace  has been created to fulfill the needs of buyers looking for local certified organic products to buy and artisans looking to sell organic and slow products.

Local + Global = Glocal

Designed as a two levels individuals/wholesale buyers platforms Slowfoody can provide wholesalers and farners with unique services. we support wholesalers in hand-picking producers and products witha unique local knowledge, while providing farmers and producers with a global communicational ability to be their human back-office in their global correspondence and on the web, including translations services of the listed products in French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and Russian or any other language upon request.


Grandma Organic Marketplace

Slowfoody marketplace is all about organic and fair first-class products that can purchased directly from the producers.

Focusing exclusively on sustainable and organic products from all over the world that has been prepared and processed in sustainable farming environments, Slowfoody offers an assortment of organic global cooking
ingredients made by bio farmers and food producers. Organic drinks, Mediterranean Olive oils, Organic arabic jars, artisan cheeses, balsamic vinegar, biscuits or tomato sauces, the list is just a small part of the amazing and tasty local traditions.



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