Survey discovers alcohol-free beer is becoming more socially accepted


AB InBev UK recently released data from a new survey that reveals changing attitudes towards alcohol-free beer.

The data shows that more than half of adults in Britain don’t see a problem with ordering an alcohol-free beer in a bar or restaurant.

The West Midlands at 46%, the East of England at 47% and Scotland at 48% were all regions that scored above the national average when it came to saying yes to trying zero alcohol beer.

However, Yorkshire and Humberside came out on top with 52% of residents saying they’d be willing to give it a go.

Research group, CGA, support the findings of AB InBev with their own data. CGA confirm through sales numbers that non-alcoholic (and low alcohol) beers are increasing in popularity.

CGA also used their research to show that Beck’s Blue – which is produced by AB InBev as part of its commitment to responsible drinking – is the most popular of these drinks.



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