Trans Fats in Your Takeaways


It’s a fact of life, takeaways are a part of our fast-paced lifestyle. Convenient, cheap, fast, filling and delicious, not to mention a total health risk that could lead to heart disease and diabetes. Much has been written about the dangers of fast food and why it should not be a staple in anyone’s diet, and it’s quite a daunting task to tell people that the takeaways they oh so love can literally take a few years off their life.

With our extremely busy lifestyle, it’s no wonder takeaways are a popular choice for people always on the go. You have your fish n’ chips, cheeseburgers with fries and fried chicken. It’s a given; these takeaways are perfect busy people, but the thing is, most restaurants and fast food joints use partially hydrogenated oil in cooking. Food cooked in this kind of oil lasts longer, plus the oil can be used again and again. Partially hydrogenated oil, unbeknownst to many, contain trans fats, and the intake of trans fats are often linked to heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. There’s more. The majority of packaged, processed food products, say, donuts pizza dough, cookies, most pastries, and other baked goods, sadly enough, contains trans fats. Burger patties, hotdogs, and bacon, along with other processed meat products also contain a considerable amount of trans fats. Dairy products such as margarine and butter also has trans fat. So the next you order a cheeseburger or whip up a bacon with cheese sandwich, better think of the whopping amount of trans fat you will be chomping down along with it.

Don’t get this wrong, you don’t have to be vegetarian to stay healthy, far from it. You just need to do a bit of research. The next time you head in to your favorite takeaway, it wouldn’t hurt to ask what kind of oil they’re using for cooking. At this point, you’re already aware that partially hydrogenated oil can totally be cost-effective for them, unfortunately it can be the exact opposite for you. Order something else if they are using coconut or palm oil. If they’re using something like canola or, say, sunflower oil or any vegetable oil variety, well and good. When you’re in the grocery store, it’s always a good idea to check the label for trans fat content, but bear in mind that if the product has 0.5 trans fat content, it can boldly state that it does not have trans fat content. A good workaround is by checking the ingredients list for partially hydrogenated fat.

You’re not alone if you’re thinking there’s too much legwork involved. Your body, after all, still requires some fat to remain fit and healthy. And then again, there other healthier alternatives you can look into. Traditional takeaway food shops offering jellied eels, pie and mash, and even sushi, litter the high streets of London. Trans fats-free, these takeaways don’t require partially hydrogenated oil.

One such traditional pie and mash shop is Arments, and they have over 100 hundred years of serving a plethora of pie and mash deliveries to London’s working class. They serve real mash potatoes with no butter ingredient, jellied eels, stewed eels, glorious steak pies, just to mention a few. Definitely affordable, as it was over a century ago, Arments can bring your food right at your doorstep, fresh, hot, and of course, 100% healthy. You can place an order online by picking up the phone and talk to their polite customer service crew, or head on to their website and your order is but a few clicks away.



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