What is a Health Screening?

What is a Health Screening?

A health screening check could be a procedure to find a sickness in inpiduals WHO don’t show any sign or symptom of that sickness. typically a laboratory check, or laboratory analysis because it is technically referred to as, is distributed to diagnose the presence of a sickness once the symptoms of that sickness manifests within the body, once a consultation with a doctor. Screening check on the opposite hand is distributed on persons while not the clinical sign of a sickness.

Health Screening tests area unit typically done across a population or community to spot a specific sickness or diseases early. This helps in earlier intervention and management of constant which mightpresumably scale back death or plagued by the sickness. There area unit many kinds of screening tests. A universal screening is one wherever the screening check involves inpiduals of a particularclass (for example, all females on top of twenty one years for [C.C] cervical cancer). A case finding involvesa choose and smaller cluster of inpiduals relying upon the presence of risk factors (for example, those that area unit regular users of tobacco.). These can be done in Beacon Wellness Center Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Health Screening check Examples


A health screening check is completed with the categorical intention of detection a specific sicknessbefore any sign or symptom of that sickness seem. in this context a number of the screening testsembody –

CT Scans: A CT scan (Computed imaging Scan) is employed for medical imaging of varied bodyelements that embody lungs, brain, heart etc. CT scans will facilitate in detection tumors or differentgrowths wherever Associate in Nursing X-Ray fails to find any.

CT Coronary X-ray photography: Angiography is Associate in Nursing imaging technique used for medical functions to check the within of blood vessels, particularly arteries, veins and heart chambers. A CT Coronary X-ray photography produces in 3D image of the blood vessels or heart chambers to find the presence of blockages that cause a coronary failure, failure or stroke.

– Papanicolaou smear: A Pap Smear check could be a screening check that helps to find pre-cancerous and cancerous changes within the canalis cervicis uteri of the feminine system if the detection when it finds any changes and canprevent cervical cancer.

– Colonoscopy: A endoscopy is Associate in Nursing examination of the massive viscus and therefore the distal a part of the little viscus to find the presence of body part cancer.

Sono-mammography: A sono-mammography could be a imaging of the breasts distributed to findlumps within the breast that indicate carcinoma.

Lab Tests Clinical pathology or laboratory tests (laboratory tests) as is often celebrated, could be a specialty of medication associated with the laboratory analysis of bodily fluids like blood, excretion and tissue tofind the presence of a sickness. a number of the foremost common check area unit –

Haemogram: A haemogram is completed to assess numerous very important parameters of bloodthat embody total corpuscle count, RBC count, lymphocytes, monocytes & granulocytes proportionand count, hemoprotein count, haematocrit, protoplasm count etc.

Blood Tests: A biopsy is typically done to work out the presence of a sickness like polygenic disorder or general condition of the body like mineral content, drug effectiveness or organ operate.

Urine Test: A excretion check or a diagnosing could be a bunch of tests performed on excretion fornumerous medical functions. A diagnosing is additionally referred to as Routine and research.

Other Tests: a number of the opposite laboratory checks performed for diagnosing area unit liveroperate test that embody SGPT and SGOT, lipide profile, thyrotrophic hormone (thyroid stimulating hormone), B12 deficiency check, etc.

Health Screening & interference

As incontestable on top of, a health screening together with the laboratory tests helps in decidingthe condition of the very important organs and processes of the body on a given date. The results of a screening check becomes successively a prognosis for one’s future health and might facilitate stop not solely diseases. however inessential health payment moreover, in terms of treatment and drugs.

Every healthy individual ought to have Associate in Nursing annual full body screening, Get health screening done nowadays at special diagnostic centres in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Nashik, Goa, Solapur, Vapi, Jalgaon, Belgaum & additional cities.


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